Custom products

Custom products


The winches on this page are examples of some of the custom winches that we have built for our customers.

Wintech has an extremely qualified design team which can work with you to ensure that you get the product that fits your needs.  

If you know your application, but don’t know exactly what it will take to get it done, we will find or design a winch for your application.

NHT 4000(S) – JC – OB

The NHT 4000(S) – JC – OB is an ideal winch for car pulling and load moving applications. This winch is equipped with a JAW CLUTCH to allow pulling in or letting out cable under power, as well as freewheeling of the drum for quicker cable let off. The winch drum has a manual overspin brake for controlled free spooling of the drum. The drum is grooved for positive lay of the cable onto the drum. This direct drive style winch is available in sizes varying from 1,000 to 20,000 lbs of linepull.

Capstan HC 4000-260

The Capstan HC 4000-260 is a 4,000 lb capacity horizontal capstan. It was mounted on the deck of a vessel utilized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to aid in recovery of oceanographic sensing devices off the coast of Oregon. The special base configuration allows for easy angular orientation of the capstan by way of a matching bolt grid (standard of NOAA’s vessels). The upright design places the capstan head at an ergonomic working height while conserving space on the deck of the vessel. A 20 Horsepower Severe-Duty TEFC Motor powered by way of a Variable Frequency Drive allows for convenient speed adjustment of the unit. This unit was supplied with interchangeable 12.5 inch capstan head and drum for cable storage, depending on specific customer application requirements.

AD Storer Dual Cable GD

Wintech designed and built this 38,000 lb line pull winch for a coal mine in Alabama to help lift conveyor belt rolls during their belt change-out procedures. The winch along with all of the Sheaves and Blocks required for the company’s Belt Lifting Machine were supplied by Wintech. The 10 Horsepower TEFC gear motor on the winch powers a secondary spur gear set used to drive the winch drum. The grooved drum and dual cable anchors allow two (2) 7/8″ diameter cables to be attached to the drum and raise both ends of the load at an even rate.

TW10000-30 Traction Winch

The TW10000-30 traction winch was designed to traverse a loading conveyor in a sand and gravel operation. The winch consist of a continuous loop push/pull arrangement which enables the conveyor to be shifted in either direction using a single winch. The winch, designed using a traction drive, allows travel over long distances without any change in the fleet angle of the cable entering and exiting the winch.

DP 20000-22 Anchor Winch

The DP 20000-22 Anchor Winch is designed to anchor a large dredge in a continuous dredging operation. Two of the winches are mounted on the end of the barge to hold the barge in a fixed position. The winches are powered by 25 HP electric motors and are equipped with an electromagnetic holding brake along with a secondary manual band brake. The band brake is used while the winch drum is free wheeled, in setting the anchor, and as well as to hold the load while dredging. The winch is equipped with a manual jaw clutch to allow controlled free spooling of the drum while setting the anchor.