Barge Moving Systems

Barge Moving Systems


The Ultimate in Positioning Control

The Wintech Barge Moving System is the ultimate in barge moving controllability. A typical system consists of two winches, a 36” x 48” NEMA 4 enclosed drive cabinet, and an operator control console. The electrical cabinet and control consoles may be mounted and used indoors or outdoors. Variable Frequency Drive Technology gives the winch system the ability to slowly accelerate to desired movement speed and slowly decelerate to a safe stopping speed.

Another feature of the system is a selector switch for Manual and Auto Modes. In Manual Mode the operator can control each winch individually while securing and pre-tensioning rigging. Once the cables are tightened the operator can then switch to Auto Mode. In Auto Mode the operator controls movement of the barge upstream and downstream via a single joystick. A speed control knob allows adjustment of system speed from 0 to the maximum rated system speed via a single control knob. Maximum speeds can be customized to suit specific customer requirements.

Each winch is equipped with a bronze disc-type drag brake and manually adjustable caliper for controlled tail tension during pulling operations. Winches are fully electric with no environmentally unfriendly hydraulic components.


Wintech can customize a system to meet your specific application needs.  In fact, that’s our specialty!